Health Kinesiology 

What is Health Kinesiology?

Health Kinesiology™ (HK) is a holistic therapy that uses muscle testing (a form of body biofeedback) to identify and release the blocks in our mind and body that hold us back in life and affect our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Health Kinesiology™ (HK) is a branch of BioEnergetic Kinesiology, a long established discipline that combines the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the modern technique of muscle testing. It employs a variety of gentle, yet powerful, balancing methods to help you alleviate imbalances and make significant life changes on all levels.

BioEnergy is our natural energy that makes us alive and is called Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our energy system can be knocked off balance by many factors, including emotional or physical trauma, old belief systems, daily stresses and strain, toxins, electromagnetic fields, poor sleep, nutrition or lifestyle. Over time, these factors can have a cumulative effect, leading to mental, emotional and physical disharmony.

Health Kinesiology accesses your body's unique wisdom (using muscle testing) to find out exactly what is needed to restore the balanced flow of energy in your body to release the blocks that are affecting your well-being. It is like turning back the pages of a book, to find the underlying story behind the problem and what is needed to rewrite it with a positive outcome. Because muscle testing is used to determine this process, it can work on very specific issues, with powerful results!

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How does Health Kinesiology work?

Health Kinesiology communicates with your body using gentle muscle testing (a form of body biofeedback). This technique involves applying light pressure to a muscle and monitoring how it responds. This response reveals exactly what energy changes are necessary to restore the balanced flow of BioEnergy in your body.

Health Kinesiology therapy is very gentle, non-invasive and can be used by all age  groups, from the very young to elderly. The client lies comfortably on a couch, raising one forearm at 90º. The therapist then presses gently on the arm, gauging the response of the muscle to a series of questions. This simple form of biofeedback can identify an individual selection of BioEnergy corrections that release imbalances from the energy meridians that run throughout the body. Corrections can also be applied to the subtle energy system (the aura), the chakras (energy centres) and to energies at a tissue level. 


What happens in a session?

In order to address imbalances throughout the mind-body-spirit, a Health Kinesiology session might include any of the following: thinking about a problem area of your life, inhaling essential oils, dealing with reactions to substances, using homeopathics or flower remedies, magnets, crystals and colour. While doing this, acupressure points or other BioEnergy reflexes are gently held (no needles are involved) to remove energy blockages from the meridians, energy field and tissues of the body, bringing your body back into balance and leaving you feeling lighter, more relaxed and able to cope. In addition, the sessions may include advice to support your progress, including nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep; as well as advice to improve your overall life balance.

In a nutshell, the Health Kinesiology Practitioner uses muscle testing/monitoring to identify the priority order of the energy balancing that needs to be done with the client, exactly what may be interfering with their well-being, and which energy balancing methods to use to bring the body back into balance and harmony with itself. Most clients find the session a relaxing and enjoyable experience, although they may be a little amazed as to how such unusual work can leave them feeling so much better! 

Every Session is Unique

Because Health Kinesiology treats you as an individual, no two sessions are ever the same, even for people with similar issues. The body will naturally take into account all of the things you are already doing to support your well-being and suggest simple steps that will be supportive for your progress. Your body will work at its own pace, choosing the most relevant corrections. In some cases only a few sessions are needed, but for others more are needed, however, usually there are noticeable improvements after each session.

You don’t have to have specific concerns to benefit from Health Kinesiology. Even when there is no obvious issue, it may well be possible to improve your wellbeing, attitude or potential.  A regular session has been reported to enable people’s BioEnergy system to remain in balance, allowing them to achieve overall well-being on a regular basis.

Benefits of Health Kinesiology

* HK addresses you as an individual

* HK works with the whole body system, not just your goal or concern

* HK is natural - it doesn't rely on drugs

* HK is a gentle system of self-healing, suitable for people of all ages and dispositions, including the elderly, children and babies 

Kathryn has experience of working with clients with a range of issues - please feel free to contact her on 07989 285621/01626 891086 or email: for further information.

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